About Us


Fabru is a sustainable brand, offering customers a chance to drape 100% natural materials, including cotton and linen. Tencel, hemp, and other non-toxic material are in the most fashionable designs. We have successfully provided our customers with a range of hand-block printed clothing from four generations. Our team consists of experienced and talented artisans working to create authentic and environmentally friendly clothes. We have been active offline for renowned brand houses, capable of meeting bulk orders, and now aim to benefit the globe with our digital presence.   

"I saw my grandfather discussing the formulation of color and guiding our Colour Executives to use natural color extracted from fruits, flowers and only natural sources. He was always firm in his vision to go green and never harm the environment deliberately. They say I am just like him, and his ethics are in my genes. Taking a big step by going global, and I aim to continue best practices."   

Words by Founder   

Our Mission   

 We are on a mission to offer everyone a chance to switch from harmful material to 100% natural material. When there is an option to skip non-recyclable material, that must be available to all.  

Our Vision   

 We, as a brand, visualize ourselves as a global brand reaching miles and achieving our pre-determined goals with each step.   

What makes Fabru unique?   

 Fabru is unique through its ethical practices and awareness of the upliftment of the human race. We are aware of the fashion industry's level of waste yearly, and the numbers are shocking. We are here to reduce that level by playing our part. We are a 100% sustainable brand and condemn the usage of non-biodegradable material.  

Our Unique Offerings To Our Customers:  

  1. Range of 100% natural cotton, linen, Tencel, hemp, and other non-toxic materials.  
  2. Customized Block-prints for customer-centric orders. 
  3. Materials that can help you meet your home decor needs and home furnishing.  
  4. High fashion range for every gender and age group.  
  5. Pleasant colors extracted from natural sources and the latest designs.  
  6. Crafts by talented artisans creating clothing using hand-block printing.  
  7. Complete transparency about our product's ingredients.  
  8. Paying fairly to our artisans for the actual value of their contribution.  

We have sustainable sources to arrange raw materials and are continuously educating our vendors about different ways to go green completely. We have dedicated ourselves to the upliftment of women and have contributed our part by having 51% of women as our team members. We have the power to change the perspective and offer everyone an equal chance to opt for 100% natural material for wearables, home décor, and furnishing. 


We offer material in running block print material, and designers prefer such bulk materials to create various apparel. Plus, we can provide materials used for home décor and furnishing by adding another dimension to our offering. Rigorous efforts are made to introduce fresh prints and new blocks with vibrant color combinations. The choice of color and sourcing of raw material is made under the guidance of our expert team, which is key to our success. We believe in creating trendsetting material, helping our customers to make various wearables in the form of shirts, kurtas, dresses, skirts, kurta-pajama sets, gowns, handkerchiefs, table cloth, etc. One material and more than twenty types of products can be made.   

 "Cotton material is breathable and has an instant calming effect. Natural materials are the future of the fashion industry."  

How Is Sustainability Essential For Us?   

"Every step is worth it if it is taken to benefit others." These words are our way of looking at opportunities and committing ourselves completely toward the upliftment of our brand value.   

We are here to serve our customers with a 100% environmentally friendly material that is as per the fashion standards and can be recyclable without creating harmful waste. The process followed by us for creating a piece of material includes steps for the benefit of our society wholesomely. Reasonably priced cotton, linen, and Tencel will be reaching maximum customers, and hence we have kept our margin decent. We are never compromising on the high standard quality of our products.   

"An eco-friendly brand can offer benefits to humankind and ecosystem with their products."     

Know More About Fabru Team   

 We have preserved our technique to develop our material from raw material to a consumable finished product. We need to take necessary steps such as monitoring processes, carrying out manufacturing processes ethically, procuring sustainable raw materials, and creating trendsetting fashion materials.   

We are a team of dedicated believers; like-minded people achieve results, and we have a hierarchy of happy souls working under one brand. We are manufacturing raw material into 100% natural material. Our efforts are collective, and we ensure each team member outperforms their potential and offers excellent services.   

The Expertise Of Our Team  

  • Decades of experience in the field of clothing and hand block printing.  
  • Recognition of roles and responsibilities of each team member.  
  • Believe and practice sustainability during the process of manufacturing.  
  • Experts in different fields are working towards the upliftment of Fabru.  

We have predefined roles for each team member and have a highly friendly environment to work together and offer high-standard products.  

Know About Our Hand Block Printing Process  

Indian block printing is recognized and well celebrated worldwide. It is a blend of the rich cultural heritage of our country and a display of the creative mind of our artisans. We are well rooted in Rajasthan and are engaged in Bagru hand Block printing. It is an art that native Bagru artisans can only do. The textile industry of our state is a major contributor to our country's economy. The art of creating finished material using hands begins with the creation of colors, preparation of raw material, and finally designing through block handprints. The material goes through different stages to become the fashion material converted into find rent apparel.   

Fabru is Meeting your need for Sustainable material made with Care!